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Dream Light Visuals has been filming weddings, special events, and countless different projects since 2010. As far as quality, we are always using the most updated technology and latest cameras. We offer full-service retouching creating cinematic, documentary style wedding films. Our filming style is journalistic, inconspicuous and centered on documenting each significant moment as it happens.


Contrasting many of the typical event videographers in the industry who just “point and shoot”, our goal is to produce dynamic cinematography that link together the vivid interaction of enjoyment shared among your family and friends in a candid, cherished union of imagery, sound and movement. We are less directorial and more observant and unobtrusive so more is better, which means we tend to shoot a lot more footage than many videographers so we have a lot to work with. Our editing takes on a different outlook where beat, image and consistency harmonize in an impeccable coordination.


Whether it's a wedding or a special event, we make being filmed a comfortable experience. Each new venture is an opportunity to showcase our talents, and we remain vigilant and fresh approaching and treating each event like if it was our only one. Our videography is about what really happened, so you have something enjoyable and amazing to look back on and share with others. Dream Light Visuals customer service is second to none, and we value your involvement to assist in designing the finest video imaginable, or you can leave it up to our experienced and artistic eye.


Your Wedding video is a tremendous investment and at Dream Light Visuals, we comprehend the importance of capturing your special day and preserving these memories that you will be grateful of for many generations to come. The modest truth is we know what elements we need to create the films we do. For us, your wedding is not just another wedding video. It is with no exception, a Movie Production



We take a lot of pride in our work and want to make sure every single wedding we have the chance to capture comes out unique & better than the last one. We love to learn about the couple as much as possible before the wedding day to be able to document their wedding day as great as we can.


No matter the size or budget of the wedding we always come prepare to film every detail & work as hard as we can to deliver a beautiful film to the couple. What we have the chance to film is the only thing you take in motion after your wedding day so it's extremely important for us to be prepare at all times.


We want you to enjoy it! As much as we love to film weddings we also understand that the couple need to enjoy themselves. It could take years to plan a wedding & we definitely want to make sure you enjoy it as much as we do. From the beginning to the ending of the day we always make sure you have your space to have fun while we still capture all the beautiful moments.



It means so much to us when our couples are happy with the service & their films. This is exactly why we love weddings. We can be a part of one of the most important days of your life so we really care about opinions & ideas. We want you to fall in love every time you watch your films. If you think we would be a good fit or your wedding, feel free to reach out.


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