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Hi There! My name is Junior Garcia.


I'm a Wedding Cinematographer & Owner of Dream Light Visuals. I'm a father, son & a film geek who truly enjoys filming Love Stories & meeting amazing people from all around the world.


I was born in the Dominican Republic & raised in Cincinnati, OH. I attended college for Audio/Visual & completed my degree in 2012. I moved to Miami, FL shortly after finishing college & it has been the best decision I have ever made. South Florida has allowed me to meet a lot of amazing people who have helped me advance my professional growth & the culture here is unlike anywhere else in the United States.


I have been fortunate to film weddings all over the US & Overseas since 2013. My passion has always been to create art whether it was music, graphic design, or cinematography. Lucky for me I have been fortunate enough to do all 3.


I also love sports, spending time with family/friends

& traveling with my fiancé & kids to create new memories.


My goal is to give my clients an amazing experience on their wedding day & deliver Story-Driven Wedding Films they can watch  & enjoy for the rest of their lives.

That's a little bit about me :)

CLICK HERE so I can learn about you.

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